Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mac OSX Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're a Windows user and new to Mac OSX, like me, here are some useful keyboard shortcuts and other tips:

Key Action
+space Quick search for an app or file to open
+tab 'Alt Tab' to another application
+` To 'Alt Tab' between windows of the same app (e.g. another Chrome window)
+control+shift+4 Select an area and take screenshot to clipboard
+shift+4 then space Click on a window to save that window to a file on the Desktop
⌘+option+esc Force quit applications

If you're using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a remote Windows machine:

Key Action
+` To 'Alt Tab' between windows within the same app e.g. to another dialog window
fn+option+F1 Windows key (Start menu)
fn+option+F1+R Run dialog

You can configure your keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences of the Remote Desktop Connection application:

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